The Timeline

April 4th, 2019 Thursday

Late on Thursday evening, I dropped Megi at her sister’s apartment. Megi and her sister planned an all-girls weekend in celebration of her citizenship confirmation which was scheduled for Friday, April 5th.

April 5th, 2019 Friday

I discovered a letter from the IRS advising me that my tax refund was garnished because of Megi’s unpaid student debt.  I called Megi that morning about the IRS letter. Megi followed up the same day and was able to negotiate lower payment terms with the loan provider. In the meantime, I was investigating how to get the money that was garnished. I found out that we needed to fill out a form and take it to our accountant. Besides this, I was busy all day in Brooklyn cleaning out his room and packing up the car with my stuff.

April 6th, 2019 Saturday

Except for the conversation about the loan I did not speak to Megi during her all girls weekend. Instead, I got my dog groomed by Brian who was also getting ready to leave for Puerto Rico. We had agreed to take care of his two dogs. The day was spent cleaning up the room packing and getting the dogs ready.

April 7th Sunday

The original plan was to pick up Megi around 10-11AM. However, Megi requested that I pick up her mother after work. So at 4 PM, I drove to the City to pick up Dash and Megi and drove to Greentown. All this time Megi was normal with no signs of stress. She seems happy and never discussed what she did on Girls Night. It was not a problem because I did not care as long as she had fun and was happy. I have never been jealous.

April 8, 2019, Monday

Megi went to work. I drove her to Marywood and picked her up at 4 PM. Megi was normal, but I noticed that she spent a lot of time on her phone reading more than usual.

April 9th Tuesday and April 10th Wednesday

Both days Megi went to work, but on one of these days, she requested that I take her to her parent’s home. These days are blank.

April 11th Thursday

After work, Megi told me what happened to her during her all Girls Weekend with her sister. She said that she went to a club and blacked out. She met a man by the name of Omar Ortiz which she believed took advantage of her. She showed me his text messages which provided his telephone and social media links. She indicated that the man was stalking her. At her request, I deleted the text and blocked the number from her phone. Also upon her request, I called Omar and ask that he never call her again.  Per her request, I also started an internet investigation on Omar Ortiz and provided the information to Megi. The report has a date stamp which confirms the date that Megi first told what she believed happened to her at the club. It was also the first day she started to complain about pain in her upper stomach and pain on her, breast. She felt they had been squeezed inappropriately during her blackout. It appears that Megi sister knows Omar and she insists that nothing happened to Megi while at the club.

April 12, 2019, Friday

Megi went to work when she got home she started to panic and was again spending excessive time on her phone. She continued to complain about the pain in her upper stomach and breast.

April 13, 2019, Saturday

At noon Megi and I picked up her sister Albana, at home, to go to the indoor pool at Woodlock Resorts. We had a lovely time, but Megi continues to complain about the pain in her upper stomach. I was concerned this was the third day of her distress. I decided to take her to the hospital right after the pool. (Estimate that she got there around 6 PM). She told her story, to the hospital staff and she showed them bruises on her leg which were a surprise me. The doctors did a full gynecological exam. I was hoping that after this exam she would be relieved and have peace of mind. The Doctors indicated that she was physically well but needed to wait for the blood results.

April 14, 2019, Sunday

Megi started to act manic. She was linking her job at Marywood College with the Club she attended in Manhattan. This had no logic, and I was getting distraught by Megi’s wrong conclusions.

April 15th, 2019 Monday

Megi went to work, at lunch I pick her up to go to the hospital to get the bloodwork results. At the hospital, she insisted that she get re-examined. The results of the second review were the same as previous, she seemed to be content, but she ended up losing a half day. She didn’t return to work.

April 16th Tuesday, April 17th Wednesday

Megi went to work both days.  On one day not sure if it was either Tuesday or Wednesday she went to her parent’s house and spoke with her Mother. I do not know what information Megi provided her mother. It doesn’t seem that she was transparent with them because her parents do not understand why I took Megi to the hospital. I am in a terrible situation because her parent does not know the backstory to why Megi is acting so erratic.

April 18th Thursday

Police Report #1913617 by Scranton Police

Found on 4/29/2019 voicemail explaining Marywood called me to come pick her up at 12:00PM because she was not well.

I took Megi to work she was not well, but at her request, I stayed with her until 10 AM I told her that I needed to leave because it is your workplace and not appropriate for me to stay. Her coworkers also agreed that I needed to go. I had a lot of appointments thought-out the day. I needed to get the Cruiser fixed because we planned to attend the Memorial in Brooklyn on the 19th and had scheduled a job interview for Monday 22nd.  Around noon her office called me that Megi was not feeling well. That she wanted to come home.  When I arrived to pick her up she was speaking with a coworker about her situation. Upon arriving home, we discovered that the folder with all the data on Omar Ortiz and her medical card were left in her office. She didn’t want to go back and attempted to jump out of the moving car. This happened several blocks away from the house. People were around, and she went with them, nevertheless she was claiming rape so they got my license plate number. I drove to my house to park and wait. She broke free and ran home and started to banged on the door, when I came down she started yelling that she had been raped and started to knock on our neighbor’s door yelling. I followed her calling her name, but she did not respond until the police arrived.  She ignored the police as they tried to calm her down. When the police approach her, she kicked them, and for her safety they had to handcuff her and force her into the police car. Once in the car, she started to bang her head on the bars and trying to get out of the handcuffs they put on. The police told me not to move and remain seated on the grass in front of my house. I was not able to do anything but cry. While this was happening I was asking Megi to calm down; I asked her to relax. I tried to assure her I was here and supportive and would be with her. I told the police that Megi was not herself and to please be gentle with her. The cops drove me to pick up my car which was being repaired.  I then drove to the hospital to meet up with Megi. Megi was not charged with anything she was taken directly to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital around 3 pm.  Megi was treated with sedatives; it took several hours for the medication to kick in. I waited to called Megi’s parents because I wanted her to regained her composure and knew they would be driving home from work.  I called them at 6pm.

April 19th, 2019 Friday

Megi was release at 10 AM and decided to go with her parents.  She texted me that she needed time. I agreed to provide her with time but was heartbroken.  Megi parents are accusing me of destroying her reputation by calling the police, but I did not call the police; this was done by a neighbor. As a result of this misunderstanding, the parents are not providing me with access to Megi. I don’t want to cause trouble, but I am very concerned.

April 20th, 2019 Saturday I requested a Wellness Check. 

April 21st, 2019 Sunday

The police visited the home and did not report anything wrong. Nevertheless, Megi texted asking why I sent the police. I explained that I just wanted to be sure she was OK.  Late in the afternoon, I discovered two frozen spell jars in the freezer with a paper inside marked with an X. I texted Megi asking her what the jars were, she never replied.

April 22nd, 2019 Monday

Call to ask Megi parents if I could visit Megi to provide them with a detailed timeline of what happened to Megi.  I was aware that I did not communicate the events correctly and wanted to create transparency and clear up any misunderstanding about my actions. Megi parents refused to allow me to visit Megi.

April 23rd, 2019 Monday

9 AM: This morning I received an order of protection at April 23, 2019 signed by Megi

1 PM: Got the copy the police report, and made an appointment with a lawyer.

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