Lies and Deceit of the Imeraj Family

Since the first-day Megi told me what happened to her at the club, it was the beginning of the month. I walked into our bedroom and noticed Megi on the phone with her mother talking about the club on speakerphone and very sad. Her mother, Dash telling her nothing happened to her. Upon walking in, Megi noticed me. She hung up the phone. Then began telling me about the incident and wanting me also to assure her that nothing happened to her at the club. I explained to her that day, “I can’t say since I was not there if something did happen to you. Why and how are your parents feel they have the right to tell you otherwise?” I will never lie to Megi. I never will. Before, Megi started explaining her side of the club incident. She told me not to say to her parents or her sister that she said anything about that weekend. I thought that was weird.

Why her family does not want her husband to know, well anyway, that was the first time Megi knew her mother was lying to her. She began to research about the club. Every day since then, Megi was sad and extremely upset about what happened to her. Weeks into the same month, we continued to do the things we needed to do. The day megi had her break down. She felt like no one was listening to her, and nothing was happening. But everything was being documented. Her family began accusing me of things that did not happen. Her mother also gave her an evil spell, and upon research learned, it is called a “Freezer Spell.” ( I remembered a conversation with megi and her sister via speakerphone telling megi to do this spell when we were organizing our wedding. I saw her mother giving this to Megi. I know megi, She would never do anything to hurt me or the home. That is not in Megi’s nature.

5 Jars Found In Freezer

Isa and Dash Imeraj has committed a great evil to megi and showed it by laughing behind Megi back while we both in tears in front of everyone. Since the last time they called, they had Megi tell me the only way she will come back if we pay their lawyer because they spent a lot. Megi does not owe her parents anything, and I do not owe them anything. Her parents owe Megi either the car or 3500 for the total cost of the vehicle. The PT Cruiser is not their car, but the actual owner is Megi. Let Megi want to come back and stop being controlling. According to Megi both of them went to the club and were drinking while having a fun time. She does not remember what happened due to drinking.

Links containing that is not good to practice voodoo in the Muslim Religion.…/jinns-ruqy…/466530-voodoo-and-hoodoo…/1813…/there-is-no-good-magic-in-islam

Voodoo is a Forbidden Practice!

Megi has not lost me or my love. She has not lost the home. Just like the spell her mother has given to Megi, everything here is frozen upon her return. Megi helped to secure the home here. From day one! Both Megi and I are innocent bystanders in all of this mess.

The police report is also in Her words. The same police officers she kicked showing Megi was not well. Her mother is the cause of why Megi was not Herself!

Our Wedding

The happiest day of our lives. But During the wedding party, her father lied to everyone saying his car broke down. The fact is he went to the casino and lost over $20000 prior. Then he arrived late. Isa Imeraj abandoned his own family that day to go with another family member Guzim to waste their families’ savings.

Our Wedding Ceremony

We asked her family to come but they did not want to come. Instead, when Megi called her mother Dash Imeraj replied: “We don’t need to go, we know you are married already we need to do what we need here.” (Very Selfishishly)

Her family shows their lack of respect for both of us. By their actions and lies. Even lying to Megi!

Words to her mother Take your responsibility own up to what you gave Megi and caused this grief in her life. DO NOT THROW HER UNDER THE SAME BUS!

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