Teens, children and an inspiring mentor to help guide them to succeed and give them hope to thrive and achieve goals. Educate to create a foundation of prosperity for the spirit, mind and body in their life. The change, guidance, attention and skills they work with and understand will help them make important decisions. Why not let them escape of daily problems wile that becomes the key to ones success. By using education as inspiration to get away, to finally live in a completely driven mind where anything you put your mind to is a possibility. Tens and children now need the right direction the one they see themselves in. By assisting the children they can see that each and every one is gifted in some way or another. They would be leaders of their own destiny to achieve and help one another. By solving problems and challenges life brings could be a direction. A positive uprising discovery within can be passed on to other peers. The need for a new outlook in education can solve the struggles one goes through. An independent mind is freedom to explore in open opportunity. To be in an atmosphere where there is comfort with the person who you are by expressing yourself in many ways. The education to feel free; expressing yourself by creating a home base in your mind, building comfort within. Learning to understand what the true passion in life is and evolving by surrounding themselves in the environment. Knowledge where it matters most, it is the defeat of poverty or unfortunate neighborhoods where broken homes, drugs and gangs associate in. Caging environment of the mind changes the world because we are responsible for the actions that are evolving. Teens and kids need a pace to go to and feel comfort, peace, support, care and understanding that will be there for them. Successful, motivator, inspirational, mentors could express themselves and open their hearts to relate with the children to spark imagination.It is my idea that in the darkens of life, glorifying sun light was discovered.

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